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We pride ourselves on not being A "cookie cutter PROGRAM!" We meet you at your level and take you up to the next! We don’t believe in teaching the exact same thing to each team.

Are the girls supervised all day?
Yes.  The girls are with their coaches all day (9-3pm), including during lunch and snack. The little ones have an even lower coach-to-athlete ratio and even go to the 'Girls’ Room' in groups.

What if my daughter wants to be placed on a team with her friend?
This is generally "do-able" if they are close in age. Please write this in on the form when you send it in ("Please place on a team with___________.")

How much does the PROGRAM cost?

Please visit our Registration Section for this information.

What will my daughter learn?
STUNTS! STUNTS! and more STUNTS! Your daughter will be instructed in cheers, chants, jumps, dances, motions, STUNTS and tumblinG! And she will learn from the BEST!

Instruction takes place on a mat on a spring floor in an air conditioned facility. They are taught the proper way to stretch, to believe in themselves, to eat properly, the value of teamwork and how to set goals. They learn all they need to know to be an athletic cheerleader. They are spotted and instructed in a low coach-to-athlete ratio. You get to see what she has learned on the last day of CLASSES. We put on the ‘GRAND FINALE SHOW’ that is a celebration of all they have learned.

Can I bring my entire team?
Will they be placed together?
Can our association send our coaches so they can learn too?

Yes. We have entire teams attend OUR PROGRAM. They are given their own coaches for the week. If a coach wants to come and wor, we can arrange for that. Many youth groups send their coaches (for free) to be trained in proper stunting techniques and in the formation of routines and choreography. We will keep your team together!

What does she wear?
She dresses as an athlete: hair pulled back, no jewelry, shorts, a t-shirt and sneakers.

Is lunch provided?
No.  You have to send your daughter with her own lunch. We ask that you put their name on it as many backpacks/lunches look alike.


Do you have references?
Yes.  We have plenty of references and they are available upon request!

Where are the camps located?

269 McCormick Drive

Holbrook, New York 11741

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