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"My two daughters have been going to the Champion Cheer Camps since they were both 6 years old. The coaching staff is the best around. My girls are 12 and 16 years old and have made highter level school teams because of the experience this camp has given them."

                                                 Donna G.

"Champion Cheer Camp is a great way to expose your child to new, exciting things that are ultimately leading them towards becoming a great cheerleader.  I am happy I found Donna and her camp!"

                                      Lori V.


"I just wanted to send you a huge thank you! The camp was fabulous! Besides the staff being knowledgeable, positive and helpful, my girls had fun! Not only did my team improve tremendously during camp but I loved the fact that the girls can bond with their teammates as well as girls/boys from other schools. Look forward to seeing you again next year! Thanks again.  To be the best you must be trained by the best...and that they are!"

                                                                       Loren Q.

"Champion Cheer Camp has a tremendous passion for the sport of cheerleading.  Their love of the sport inspires the children to learn in a safe and nurturing environment from the basics through elite stunts.  Our program improved tremendously thanks to their dedication."

                                                  Brenda V.

                             Oak Neck Athletic Council

"I am looking forward to having my daughter be a part of the Champion Cheerleading Camp this summer and can't wait to see her cheer.  I know that she is in good hands, with knowledgable staff and finally, I know that she will leave with everything she could possibly need to be the best cheerleader!"

                                                                                                 Danielle V.