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I can’t say enough great things about this camp! We highly recommend it to any age! My daughter has been to this camp year after year and always has so much fun. The kids are placed in an age/skill appropriate group which is so great because no matter how advanced you are you are with those of the same! It’s very well structured!! The kids will learn all sorts of cheers, dances, stunts and tumbling as well as build friendships and learn about teamwork! This camp has been going on for over 20 years, that HAS to say something in itself!           |JODI LUDWIG

I cannot say enough good things about this cheer camp. I attended this camp every summer for 7 years consecutively. The coaches teach new stunts based on your skill level and help advance each person as a cheerleader.                        |ALLY MC

Great experience! The progress in just a couple of weeks was amazing... and the kids really enjoyed it!                    |GE LO

My daughter has attended this camp each year from age 5 to 13. She enjoys working with the coaches and developing new skills. The staff is always encouraging, knowledgeable and professional. Above all it is a fun way to build cheer and tumble skills, techniques and confidence!                   |JAIME CHOLDEN

This is a wonderful camp for girls of all ages! My daughter attended and she learned all the skills she needed to make her school team. It also gave her the confidence she needed for tryouts. I highly recommend for any girl who is trying out for a school team!                  |SUEANN REA

Champion cheer is such an amazing camp. My daughter loved it and learned so much. The staff really cares about cheerleading and helping the girls learn and be the best they can be. Donna is awesome and always does what’s best for the girls. We will definitely be returning to champion cheer.

                                         |KIMBERLY HOCK

Both my daughters LOVE Champion Cheer Summer camp!! They are begging to do 2 weeks this summer!! This will be my oldest daughter's 4th summer going!! I can not say enough good things about this camp!! They not only teach cheer but teach teamwork, kindness and have such fun while doing it!!!! This camp is all my kids talk about!!!                |SAVANNAH BANANAS

This camp has been going on for over 20 years, that says something in itself. As a Varsity Cheer Coach as well as a Youth League Cheer Coach for many years.I highly recommend it to girls/boys of all ages..At camp the children will learn cheers , stunts, work on tumbling skills and dances.                      |HEATHER CIPULLY

I’ve personally attended this camp for years and can say I learned so much from the well trained cheerleading staff and had the time of my life ! I always looked forward to these yearly camps. I can honestly say this camp prepared my varsity team to be regional champions. 

                                         |AYANNA WESLEY



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